Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap 薰衣草香皂


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Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap 薰衣草香皂 (100g) 结合多种天然植物萃取、法国普罗旺斯 (Provence, France) 薰衣草精油 (Lavender Essential Oil) 和百年黃金神奇保養乳木果油的配方!

Ann's™ 薰衣草香皂提供柔软、温和、绵密的泡沫,散发淡淡地薰衣草香气,给于你无与伦比的肌肤之亲!Ann's™ 薰衣草香皂配方含有特殊因子,具有软化水质的功能,不伤及肌肤天然的平衡状态。


Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap 薰衣草香皂,将会是你们的恩物。不含任何酒精、药物及果酸, 不分男女老少、适用于任何皮肤性质的产品。

《10 大功效》
1. 深层洁净
2. 促进细胞再生
3. 平衡油脂分泌
4. 抑制细菌再生
5. 保湿
6. 紧致肌肤
7. 收缩毛孔
8. 改善肌肤光泽度
9. 舒缓神经,舒缓焦虑和压力
10. 驱蚊

You can now transform your skin with the right product — and without a wait. Here's come Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap (100g) - Triple Skin Secret! Put Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap (100g) into the soap net and lather on the hands. 

Apply the lather to the entire body, gently massage and enjoy the pure delight of our relaxing herbal bath sensation!

Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap (100g) combined with a variety of natural plant extracts, Lavender Essential Oil in France, Provence and Century Gold Shea Butter’s formula. 

Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap provides soft, gentle & dense foam. The delicately aroma of lavender give you unrivalled skin’s affinity. Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap contains special factor that can decompose water molecules without damaging the skin.

10 Functions of Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Soap (100g): 
1. Deep cleansing
2. Control sebum production
3. Balance oil secretion
4. Anti-bacterial
5. Moisturising
6. Skin tightening
7. Help to shrink pores
8. Improve skin glossing
9. Soothing nerves, relieve anxiety and stress
10. Mosquito repellent

Triple Skin Secret!
Lightening, Cleansing, Aromatic.

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