Sexy Black Slimming Leg Shaper

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Sexy Black Slimming Leg Shaper

超紧实瘦腿/ 防静脉曲张套/ 瘦腿袜套

Function :

  • Prevent the appearance of varicose veins
  • To improve the leg swelling, swelling, heaviness and other symptoms
  • Beautify the curve of legs, prompting slim legs curve
  • According to "intravenous fluid dynamics" principle, Incremental mining sub-pressure design to prevent leg fatigue
  • Promote blood circulation, enhance the flexibility of leg muscles
  • Can be partially reduced fat, create beautiful curves
  • To moderate the pressure on vascular pressure, help lower limb blood flow back into the heart and smooth

Suitable For : 

  1. prolonged standing are: teachers, traffic police, shopping guide, beauticians, doctors, nurses and so on.
  2. long sit-in by: IT people, white-collar workers, civil servants and other office staff - for a long time to stand or sit; because of muscle fatigue and the causes of gravity, resulting in poor blood return leg, increased blood viscosity lead to deep vein disease.
  3. pregnant women, people long-term use of contraceptives - changes in hormones during pregnancy, blood volume increase of 20% or more; fetus and increased uterine vein and condylar vein pressure pots, pregnancy weight gain, leg venous pressure increases, caused by poor blood return, resulting in lower extremity venous disease.
  4. frequent travel, by plane, coach groups of people, flight attendants - commonly referred to as economy class syndrome, because weight loss at high altitude, resulting in poor blood return leg, resulting in lower extremity venous disease, prone to severe pulmonary embolism.
  5. obese people - due to high blood cholesterol and blood lipids, blood viscosity increases, combined with too much weight and so difficult to return to the heart of blood, resulting in lower extremity venous disease.
  6. has been suffering from venous diseases of the crowd - already in the venous disease state, treatment must be improved, otherwise the disease will continue to develop.
  7. deep venous thrombosis high-risk population - patients after major surgery, cancer patients, hemiplegia patients, women and mothers in late pregnancy, patients with lower limb fractures, serious infections in patients, the elderly and so on.
  8. like body sculpting, sculpture, those legs curve.

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