Silicone Height Taller Shoes Insert Insoles Lifts Pads


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  • Brand New & High Quality.
  • Massage, heighten, maintenance heels.
  • Adjustable height, applies to all men and women sports shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, allowing you to immediately increase.
  • Soft and comfortable cushions play the role of foot massage to relieve your foot pain and fatigue when walking.
  • No deformation, no wear and tear, can be used in different styles of shoes.
  • Bought a pair of elevated insoles, allowing you to the rise of confidence in the chest by a hundredfold, and truly superior.
  • Especially useful to these people: usually standing for a long time, walk a lot every day, would like to quietly make them taller, to participate in various public places with a high stature, to leave a satisfactory impression to the other party in a first date with the opposite sex.
  • One size fit all shoes.
  • Color: transparent.
  • Material: silicone gel.
  • Height: 4.1cm, 5 layers.
  • Insole width: 6.5cm.
  • Use in 36 yards or bigger shoes with a relatively deep trough point will be more suitable.


Nearly all our customers return to us with further orders, so why not try more than one product range in your order.
Literally millions of people around the world are using height insoles from this range, the idea originally stemming from
asia where they are a cultural phenomenom.
Doctors and medical professionals in East Asia are even prescribing our insoles to their patients with the most amazing results.
This idea of placing a shoe insert within a shoe started out only as a method for reducing foot pain and other foot problems, however the reasons also started turning to vanity, as it became ever more popular in modern society.
The discretion it gives users (being hidden completely within a shoe) and instant effects it has on gaining height and as a way to appear to grow taller make it popular across the entire world.
Recently these insoles have become popular in schools, with approximately 60% more students wearing them every year. Height is something of a sensitive issue with such groups of people.
This is also true for people within the work place - it is a proven fact that the taller you are, then the more money you earn. This is based on factual data with averages taken over a huge range of people.

  • 构成:按摩垫+增高垫4个共5

  • 质地:硅胶 (无色透明)

  • 鞋垫宽: 6.5cm左右

  • 鞋垫高度4.1CM 五层=9mm+8mm+8mm+8mm+8mm

  • 男女共用

  • 按摩+垫高4+维护后脚跟

  • 适合平时站立时间长久的人,

  • 适合每天走长时间与长距离路的人

  • 想悄悄地使自己的身高明显显高的人

  • 参加各种公众场合中个子矮小或想自己更显高一些的人

  • 与异性第一次约会时为给对方留下比较满意的印象

  • 相亲, 约会, 参加亲人,朋友婚礼, 参加演出, 赴重要聚会, 参加招聘面试 等场合时候, 个子显矮小的人;

  • 腿比上身显短的人;

  • 为使自己更显高窕的人

  • 一条腿比另一条腿稍见短的人

  • 适用于所有男女运动鞋, 休闲鞋, 皮鞋, 让您马上增高.

  • "弹力垫"起到按摩脚底的作用, 使您在走路时减轻足部疼痛与疲劳

  • 最大增高3.3公分, 而且高度可调, 加上鞋子本身的高度, 垫上鞋垫后, 至少可增高7公分以上, 而且非常柔软舒适

  • 不易变形, 不易磨损, 可以不同款式的鞋轮番垫用, 经久耐用, 实实在在. 购得一双增高鞋垫, 让您挺胸抬头信心增百倍.

  • 建议:高帮宽松些的鞋子使用>实际增高看鞋子实际情况自己调节

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