Ann's™ Lavender Wonder Cleanser 薰衣草洁面凝胶


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The most signature in all Lavender Wonder Cleanser is the beauty substance of Sephylla™ extracted from the mystery of our beauty nature, its natural moistening factor provide the ultimate solution to healthy, youthful and perfect skin! It is not only helps to replenish skin moisture and elasticity, but also enable to retain water inside the skin to prevent dehydration, at the same time it also act as the role to protects, restores and strengthen our skin to reverse the signs of aging, so that our skin are able to achieve suppleness, stay clean, young and vibrant.

Sephylla™ essence provide the care for tender and smooth skin, it helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms on our skin, so that our skin layers will not be disrupt which lead to derma damages resulting in blemishes, dryness and irritation; Therefore one of the unique beauty key of Sephylla™ is its nature function which assist the maintenance balance of the skin barrier function, thereby enhancing the skin to renders a delicate skin moisturisation and elasticity. It can smoothes skin and makes the skin glow naturally and also helps to balance skin pH hence reducing blemishes on skin.

A Mysterious Beauty Key

Ann's Lavender Wonder Cleanser(100ml)

● 87% Moderates the natural functioning of skin and distribute natural splendour of skin
● 84% Accelerate the process of skin regeneration 
● 95% Replenish skin's moisture
● 92% Delivers crystal clear skin
● 89% Firms and smoothes skin
● 73% Equilibrates sebum secretion and restores skin's natural pH

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